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Coordinate Letters of Protest

The USPTO will likely look more favorably on receiving a few well executed letters of protest with unique, well documented evidence of the descriptive or generic nature of a proposed mark in the context of the goods it is used for than it will on receiving numerous separate (and potentially hasty and duplicative) efforts. With that in mind, this tool is intended to help you coordinate your efforts to craft quality letters of protest with others concerned about a trademark application.

Look Up (and Join) Current Efforts

Start by checking if anyone else has already filed a letter of protest or is currently working on one. Just enter the serial number of the application you are interested in below.

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Status: Sent on 2018-06-01
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Inform Others Of Your Efforts

Have you filed a letter of protest? Are you working on one or gathering evidence to support one?
Let others know! Using something like Google Docs could allow for collaboration in gathering evidence.